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Innovation in Vending will be in the spotlight at the French show in Paris, with the presentation of increasingly intelligent and efficient systems that take advantage of the most recent technical and technological advances for Vending

For more than 300 million European citizens, consumption through the vending machine is a well-established habit. With 4.4 million outlets across the continent, Vending is an important distribution channel for the sale of drinks, snacks, confectionery, other food and non-food products.

However, in order to maintain its success, Vending industry must continue to make proposals and extend its range of products and services, because consumers change and consumer habits evolve frequently and increasingly quickly. Vending must therefore be reactive in order to be able to follow trends and adapt to them.

And these evolving needs are driving the renewal of vending, in particular its technological development towards increasingly intelligent machines, responding ever better to the changing expectations of new consumers.

The latest generations of vending machines have undergone a digital revolution in keeping with the times. Instead of the traditional button panels, the latest models are equipped with touch screens that allow for better interaction between the machine and the consumer. Thanks to technological progress, vending machines can now offer a selection of customised drinks, with the consumer combining the basic ingredients according to his or her preferences via the screen to obtain a personalised drink.

Moreover, as consumer information requirements are becoming more stringent in France and soon in Europe, the new screens are also the perfect medium for Professionals to comply more easily with their new legal and regulatory obligations or to adapt when called upon to do so.

The Vending Show will therefore be the exhibition for all that technology has to offer to the vending in 2023! Leading hardware manufacturers and software developers will be exhibiting their innovative solutions from 21 to 23 June 2023, at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, in Paris.

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