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In an economy in crisis, the French national exhibition will also be an opportunity for the Professionals of Vending to reflect together on the challenges of tomorrow for their profession

Exhibitor registrations for the VENDING SHOW are continuing at a rapid pace and the programme is shaping up for visitors: in this period of crisis, the future of the Vending Industry will be discussed, which is called upon to reinvent itself and also to grasp the new challenges of the business world in a changing world…

In a political environment that has seen the emergence of new partisan forces and a strengthening of the influence of public opinion on political decision-making, the economic world is facing many changes. And vending is at the heart of this upheaval, facing many challenges! It is up to the Professionals to be actors of change and to trace the path of tomorrow’s vending.


The Paris exhibition will thus be the ideal framework for discussing the future together, tackling the challenges of the profession and imagining together the paths to be taken to arrive at the solutions that companies need to find.


On the programme:

– political guests: an opportunity for exhibitors and visitors alike to raise awareness of their profession among public decision-makers;

– the intervention of an economist, to understand the crises and envisage the “aftermath”;

– the intervention of a specialist in mobility and motoring, to understand the ecological transition at work in the major cities and metropolises that are introducing the “low emission zones” (LEZ);

– the presentation of the report on urban logistics commissioned by the Minister of Transport, in order to anticipate changes in the service professions;

– a panel discussion on the evolution of the food supply in the D.A., to learn about the commitments that will have to be made by professionals in the sector in the future;

– a panel discussion on the “packaging” issue, which is again being raised at European level.


These discussions, organised by NAVSA throughout the three days of the event, will allow all professionals to be informed, to ask questions and to debate in order to better understand the challenges they face today and in the future. The programme of exchanges will be posted online.

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